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The typical notes of white muscat grown in the territory of Erice are enhanced by the foaming carried out directly in the cuvè composed exclusively of fresh first-pressing grape must without the use of base wine. This technique allows to enhance the aromatic framework and at the same time makes it pleasant to the taste with a freshness reminiscent of grapes. Pleasant floral aromas reminiscent of white roses, from which the choice of the name is derived. The result is a sparkling wine characterized by a strong bond with the territory, versatile and delicate. Sparkling Petals Brut Fazio Wines is obtained from pure Moscato Bianco. Sweet Quality Aromatic. Produced in the viticultural estates of the Doc Erice area in Western Sicily


Dalle sabbie dorate delle coste mediterranee, dal sole cocente di Sicilia nasce Adorè, il prezioso oro bianco di Casa di Grazia. Con i profumi intriganti e sensuali delle uve aromatiche di Moscato Bianco e le note di salvia e mandarino, ti avvolge nella sua freschezza e ti affascina con la sua eleganza.