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We have certain information on its cultivation in Sicily since the end of 1800. Recent studies have shown that Grillo is a vine fruit of the cross between Catarratto and Zibibbo.

Vigorous plant, medium to large leaf, conical bunch, medium-large berries with thick skin, slightly pruinose green-yellow with orange pink hues on exposed parts. Medium maturation. With its grapes are produced excellent white wines ready or suitable for refinement.

Its wine has a deep straw-yellow color, a good aromatic bouquet, with herbaceous scents, floral and citrus notes, with a savory flavor, with good acidity and balanced softness, excellent taste structure.

Il Grillo is mainly widespread in the territory of Trapani. It is also present in the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento.

10.35 (Including tax) 12.50  
White, Trapani
Grillo Achiana comes from Grillo grapes produced in Casalmonaco in Trapani at an altitude of 490 meters. Harvesting takes place manually first week of September.
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11.45 (Including tax)  
Year 2019, White, Producer: Fodera, Trapani
Grillo Giovane Foderà has a straw-yellow color with greenish reflections and stands out for its citrus and floral aromas. In the mouth it is fresh, savory with excellent acidity and persistence.
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8.40 (Including tax) 10.00  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Mothia, Trapani
Mosaikon delle cantine Mothia è dal colore giallo paglierino intenso, profumo evidente sentori di frutta fresca come pesca, pompelmo e frutta esotica, sapore, al palato si presenta fresco, sapido e persistente.
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8.35 (Including tax) 9.50  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Colomba Bianca, Trapani
The Resilience Grillo Colomba Bianca has a straw yellow color with a bouquet of elegant notes of yellow fruit with tropical nuances. Pleasant floral scents of orange blossom and citrus fruits. Excellent flavor and varietal identity. The balanced acidity supports the elegance of the palate. It...
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8.85 (Including tax)  
Year 2018, White, Trapani
A light straw-colored cricket with greenish reflections. The nose shows a rich bouquet of tropical fruits, with notes of pink grapefruit and Mediterranean herbs. On the palate it has a balanced structure with a pleasant freshness and a long savory finish.
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39.80 (Including tax)  
Year 2018, White still, Producer: Tasca d'Almerita, Trapani
Eight hectares of Grillo on soils of marine origin, sandy and loose, strongly calcareous, ready to characterize the harvest in a unique way. This grape grows among the salt pans of the Stagnone di Marsala, in particular on the small Mozia , an environmental and archaeological jewel, outpost...
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16.90 (Including tax) 18.90  
Year 2017, White, Producer: Rallo, Trapani
The Cuba of the Rallo cellar, in the glass contains the golden wine, emanates aromas of medlar, cedar and pssion fruit, broom and mimosa, mallow and mint and an intense brackish wave. The freshness, intact and vibrabte, offers a sip in good balance with the glycerine notes and the energetic...
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6.30 (Including tax)  
Year 2018, White, Trapani
"Sicilien is ...", is the beginning of the story of foreign visitors when they talk about Sicily. It is seen like this, like a symphony of colors that charms the rest of the world. Sicilien is the triumph of the red of the terroirs kissed by the sun yellow gold, Sicilien has boundless beauties...
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8.95 (Including tax) 9.80  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Gorghi Tondi, Trapani
The Gilletto Grillo Gorghi Tondi without added sulfites has two specific peculiar traits: the origin of the grapes from an organic farming regime and the non-addition of sulfur dioxide during the production phases. The low environmental impact, eco-sustainability, maximum control and care of...
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8.65 (Including tax) 9.80  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Miceli, Palermo
Salga la Luna di Miceli, is a white wine produced from native Grillo grapes of Sicily.
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6.90 (Including tax) 8.50  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Miceli, Agrigento
Baaria Grillo Miceli is Sicilian wine produced by the Miceli company with Grillo grapes. It shows a straw yellow color with golden reflections. It has an enveloping and clean flavor and a perfectly balanced flavor.
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6.30 (Including tax) 6.80  
Year 2017, White still, Producer: Firriato, Trapani
Grillo Branciforti Firriato, Sicilian native vinified in purity spreads without delay herbaceous scents enhanced by a refined gustatory structure. Raised in the vineyards facing south west of the Gelso Grande estate, the Grillo Branciforti dei Bordonaro enjoys gentle and constant ventilation...
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6.90 (Including tax) 8.60  
Year 2017, White still, Trapani
Vento di Mare Zibbibbo Ermes is a golden yellow wine with fruity and floral aromas reminiscent of citrus, peach and melon, perfectly balanced. On the palate it is fresh and elegant, savory and harmonious.
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8.80 (Including tax) 9.90  
Year 2018, White still, Producer: Funaro, Trapani
Pinzeri di Funaro is produced with Grillo grapes from the territory of Salemi at about 140 meters above sea level, according to the most modern organic farming techniques. Straw yellow color with light greenish reflections, intense and captivating nose, with floral and fruit scents such as...
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7.90 (Including tax) 8.80  
Year 2018, White still, Producer: CVA Canicatti, Agrigento
Cva Canicattì Aquilae grillo is an innovative white for flavor and freshness with the great versatility of an important Sicilian vine variety; with clean and harmonious perfumes. On the palate decided, fruity, with an appropriate and pleasant acidity.
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14.50 (Including tax)  
Year 2018, White still, Trapani
Jurnata Grillo Tonnino, al naso presenta profumi di limone e pompelmo rosa, mischiati a note di caramello e gelsomino. In bocca è fresco e morbido.
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5.80 (Including tax)  
Year 2018, White still, Producer: Firriato, Trapani
Grillo Branciforti Firriato, Sicilian native vinified in purity spreads without delay herbaceous scents enhanced by a refined gustatory structure. Raised in the vineyards facing south west of the Gelso Grande estate, the Grillo Branciforti dei Bordonaro enjoys gentle and constant ventilation...
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6.00 (Including tax) 7.40  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Tola, Trapani
Grillo takes its name from an ancient native Sicilian grape variety. Produced in our estates of Bosco Falconiera and after careful vinification, we obtain a fresh, mineral, elegant wine with marked aromas of citrus and peach. Serve at a temperature of 9 ° C.
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11.60 (Including tax) 13.20  
Year 2018, White, Producer: Cusumano, Palermo
Cusumano Shamaris shows a straw yellow color. The nose is characterized by floral, peach and pineapple fragrances. The taste underlines a perfect balance between acidity and roundness, aftertaste of fruit like apricot, pineapple and grapefruit. Perfect as an aperitif, with fish first courses,...
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Year 2014, White, Producer: Principi di Spadafora, Trapani
The white Siriki is a Grillo, son of a single vineyard facing south west at 300 meters above sea level and begins to ferment after preparing a foot of the cuve with the same grape.
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8.45 (Including tax) 10.20  
Year 2019, White, Producer: Miceli, Palermo
Verver Miceli is a new generation wine, produced with medium hill Grillo grapes and a part of high hill Chardonnay grapes, grown in prestigious vineyards in the municipalities of Sciacca, Cattolica Eraclea, Grisì. The grapes were conducted by our agronomist and collected in a time decided by...
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9.80 (Including tax) 11.50  
Year 2018, White still, Trapani
From Grillo grapes, hand-picked and transported in boxes. The grapes are de-stemmed and subjected to soft pressing. The must is fermented at a constant temperature of 16 ° C. in a steel tank for about 30 days After fermentation the wine is aged for about 6 months on the lees before being...
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