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Posted by   Marino Gianfranco Vini Sicilia

The Elymians, an Asian people who settled in western Sicily in the 13th century BC, founded the cities of Erice with its landing place Drepano (Trapani), Segesta (Calatafimi-Segesta), Emporium Segestanorurn (Castellammare del Golfo), Alicyae ( Salemi), Jetas (San Cipirello and San Giuseppe side) and Entella.

Tito Livio (59 BC) - 17th C. Roman historian, author of a monumental history of Rome about Trapani and Erice writes:

Amilcare .. Drepano, which had an excellent port in the shape of an ampliollo castle carrying the Ericinis, whose dismantled city had, except the temple of Venus, so that it did not serve the Romans.

Dione Cassius (II-III BC)

[Zonara. 8.11] Amilcare fortified the place called Drepanon (it is a comfortable port), deposited the objects of greatest value there and transferred the whole population of Erice to it. This last city, since it occupied a solid position, he razed to the ground, to prevent the Romans from seizing it and making it a base of operations for the war.

The foundation of Trapani as a real autonomous city compared to Erice is traced right back to Amilcare Barca in 260 BC, although it is always populated by the Erice family transferred from the city to the summit, ordered to be destroyed so as not to leave it in the hands of the enemy.


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