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"Terre di Giumara" extra virgin olive oil Nocellara del Belice Caruro and Minini (500 ml)

It is used raw on roasted meat and vegetables and on all types of salads. Also ideal on grilled fish. Equipped with significant antioxidants, it is an extremely genuine product. Excellent during cooking due to its strong resistance to high temperatures.

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Slightly veiled, obtained by natural settling (unfiltered), medium-high and intense green fluidity. Fruity of green olive, very fragrant and fresh, slightly spicy on the palate, barely perceptible bitter and hints of green tomato, artichoke, citrus fruits and almonds, balanced and harmonious. Strong smell of green olive.

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Terre di Giumara is a Caruro and Minini extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives grown in the heart of the Belice Valley in Sicily where the Nocellara del Belice variety finds its maximum expression. The olive groves are about 14 hectares wide with a total number of 3600 plants all in production. The olives are harvested by hand picking: the "manic" care and dedication, also included in the milling, strictly at a controlled temperature, give the success of this highly prized product.

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