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Marsala Superiore

10.60 (Including tax) 12.80  
Fortified wine, Producer: Alagna, Trapani
It goes well with all classy pastries, particularly Sicilian ones like Sicilian cannoli and cassate.
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18.85 (Including tax) 20.50  
Year 2012, Fortified wine, Trapani
Semi-dry Marsala Curatolo and Arini results in intense notes of bitter almond, dates, sultanas and vanilla; on the palate it is soft, elegant and full, with a pleasant finish of dried fruit.
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6.50 (Including tax) 7.20  
Fortified wine, Producer: Vinci, Trapani
Marsala wine has a fascinating history. The inventor was the English merchant John Woodhouse who in 1773 was looking for soda ash useful for the production of soaps in England. A storm forced him to dock at ... Marsala and in a tavern he was literally conquered by the taste of the local wine.
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12.80 (Including tax) 14.20  
Producer: Pellegrino, Trapani
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6.00 (Including tax) 7.00  
Fortified wine, Producer: Vinci, Trapani
Marsala Garibaldi dolce is the famous liqueur marketed all over the world, thanks to the English Benjamin Ingham. among the types of Marsala wine offered, he particularly appreciates one, the superior sweet, which from that day on, in his honor, will be called GARIBALDI DOLCE.
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12.85 (Including tax) 15.45  
Fortified wine
The sweet Marsala Superiore Curatolo and Arini was preferred by Garibaldi, therefore also known as "Garibaldi Dolce", this wine presents night of dried fruit, figs, almonds with delicate hints of honey and vanilla. The palate is soft and full with a pleasantly sweet finish.
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9.90 (Including tax) 11.90  
Fortified wine, Producer: Florio, Trapani
Classic VecchioFlorio dessert wine is a versatile wine, excellent also as an aperitif. This upper marsala, well known in Italy and abroad, is made from Grillo and Catarratto grapes and is aged for 30 months in ancient oak barrels, in addition to the requirements of the DOC disciplinary, in the...
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16.00 (Including tax)  
Fortified wine, Producer: Pellegrino, Trapani
Marsala Ambra Pellegrino aged at least 4 years, has an intense amber color. Versatile, semi-dry, it has pleasant notes of apricot and carob with slight hints of thyme and black pepper. It goes well with all Sicilian desserts with ricotta creams and pastry chefs.
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16.80 (Including tax) 18.90  
Frutto di un selezionato blend di vini Grillo e Cataratto,e Inzolia è stato un segreto gelosamente custodito per anni. Intenso color ambra con note bilanciate di mandorla tostata, fichi secchi e uva passa e un delicato sentore di vaniglia. Il gusto morbido e vellutato evoca memorie che ci...
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11.40 (Including tax) 13.10  
Producer: Intorcia, Trapani
It is an extraordinary meditation wine. Excellent pairing with any type of pastry. Excellent with spicy hard cheeses. Serve at room temperature or slightly cool.


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