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Items marked by the "spumante" tag:


Belice Zibibbo Sparkling Wine Demi Sec Colomba Bianca Colomba Bianca
13.80 9.75 (Including tax)
Florio Sparkling Sweet Florio Florio
9.70 8.95 (Including tax)

Fazio Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Brut DOC Erice Fazio Wines Fazio Wines
12.50 9.90 (Including tax)
Palmares Brut sparkling wine from Gorghi Tondi Gorghi Tondi
9.80 8.95 (Including tax)
Rising Moon Sparkling Frappato Rosè Extra Dry May Wines
13.70 11.70 (Including tax)
Spumante Almerita Contessa Franca Extra Brut DOC County of Sclafani Tasca d'Almerita Tasca d'Almerita
62.00 56.50 (Including tax)
Spumante Enrica Spadafora Brut Nature Classic Method IGT Sicilian Lands Of The Princes of Spadafora Principi di Spadafora
21.00 18.90 (Including tax)
Level 820 Chardonnay Classic Method Ottoventi Sparkling Wine Ottoventi
25.00 (Including tax)
Palmarès Rosé Extra Dry Nero d'Avola Gorghi Tondi
9.85 8.95 (Including tax)
Sparkling wine 50 ° Grillo Catarratto Lucido <br> (60 bottles) CVA Canicattì (Professional Line) CVA Canicatti
622.00 529.00 (Including tax)
Sparkling Brut Neroluce Sicilia DOC Principles of Butera Principi di Butera
10.20 8.70 (Including tax)

Spumante Federico II Millesimo Classic Method Brut Milazzo Milazzo
51.00 (Including tax)
Accussì Spumante Extra Dry Feudo Orange Feudo Arancio
8.90 8.35 (Including tax)

Almerita Brut Chardonnay Spumante DOC Sclafani County Tasca d'Almerita
22.75 (Including tax)
Milazzo Excellent Spumante Classic Method Rosé Extradry Milazzo Milazzo
21.90 19.95 (Including tax)
Spumante Terre of Anastasia vqs Classic Method Brut Abbey Santa Anastasia Abbazia Santa Anastasia
23.50 (Including tax)
Grillo Pas Dosè Spumante Classic Method Alcestis Alcesti
16.65 14.90 (Including tax)
Sparkling Brut Classic Method IGT Terre Siciliane Caruso and Minini Caruso e Minini
18.70 16.50 (Including tax)
Spumante 50 ° Grillo Catarratto Lucido CVA Canicattì CVA Canicatti
10.90 9.90 (Including tax)
Spumante 50 ° Grillo Catarratto Lucido CVA Canicattì
10.35 9.20 (Including tax)
Grillo Spumante Brut Doc Sicily Fazio Wines Fazio Wines
12.90 9.90 (Including tax)
Cuveé Brut 50 mesi Chardonnay Terrazze dell'etna
42.00 36.00 (Including tax)
Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay e Carricante Etna DOC Spumante Brut Classic Method Firriato Firriato
23.40 20.90 (Including tax)

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