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Tasca d'Almerita

Keeping up, taking into account your own history. And above all putting at the center of all the earth, which is the beginning of this story. Beautiful, tiring, cyclic yet never the same. One would say five different Sicilies, as many as the Tasca d'Almerita estates: Regaleali, Tascante, Capofaro, Sallier de La Tour and the vineyards in Mozia of the Whitaker Foundation. Geographically speaking it is like exploring a small Planet Earth. You have the sea, the salt pans, the hills, the mountains, the volcano, the winds in different directions, sparse or abundant rains. Starry skies, those everywhere. But what is functional is also beautiful. The living places, from which fruits are born, are welcome places and so it is in Tasca companies, to live fully, one day or more, in the rooms of Regaleali or in the rooms of Capofaro.

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