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The largest volcano in Europe, symbol of an exciting nature and of an ancient and obstinate viticulture, is the place that the brothers Diego and Alberto Cusumano have chosen with their father Francesco for their new and exciting challenge: to create wines that can express the quality and character of a unique territory.

After years of research on the territory, in April 2013 the unrepeatable opportunity to acquire the first three districts on the northern slope of Etna is presented. A project in continuous evolution, begun with the reconstruction of the traditional dry-stone walls of the terraces of Guardiola, a district that for its astonishing beauty embodies the motivation and inspiration that gave the name to the entire project: ALTA MORA.

9.20 8.60 (Including tax)

9.20 8.60 (Including tax)
29.00 26.90 (Including tax)

17.50 15.85 (Including tax)
45.00 39.80 (Including tax)
11.90 9.65 (Including tax)
Astuccio Premium Alta Mora Etna Rosso 2015 + Spumante 700 Brut Metodo Classico - Cusumano Cusumano
68.00 59.90 (Including tax)
Sàgana Magnum Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC (astuccio) Cusumano Cusumano
56.00 48.50 (Including tax)
10.80 9.70 (Including tax)

45.75 37.90 (Including tax)
17.00 14.90 (Including tax)
Shamaris Grillo Magnum IGT Sicilian Lands Cusumano (With case) Cusumano
34.00 28.70 (Including tax)
Spumante 700 Metodo Classico Brut Magnum Pinot Nero in prevalenza e Chardonnay Cusumano (casetta legno Limited Edition) Cusumano
43.90 36.60 (Including tax)
Noà Nero d'Avola, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Tenuta Presti and Pegni Sicilia DOC Cusumano Cusumano
23.50 18.20 (Including tax)
13.80 11.20 (Including tax)
25.90 22.10 (Including tax)
38.89 33.90 (Including tax)


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