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Hauner Carlo

Carlo Hauner, from Brescia of Bohemian origin transplanted to the Aeolian Islands, was the creator of the farm that bears his name. As a young man he was a painter and, not yet twenty years old, he exhibited at the Venice Biennale. In the years of maturity he achieved significant international successes as a designer. The passion for enology can be seen as the ultimate challenge of an intense and full of interests life. On the Aeolian Islands, it arrived for the first time in 1963, when tourism ventured the first timid apparitions. After a few summer holidays (more extensive each year), in the seventies he moved to Salina. Always restless and curious, he is attracted by the cultivation of Malvasia, the grape that local farmers harvest in mid-September. According to the traditional method, during the day the grapes are exposed outdoors on racks and retreat at sunset. Hauner learns the local winemaking techniques and integrates them with the study of ancient and modern texts. When he decides that the acquired knowledge and his creativity can contribute to a wine that in the past had been famous as "nectar of the gods", he goes in search of plots of land that have been left fallow due to the strong emigration he brought to Australia Americas thousands of Aeolians. He manages to put together about twenty hectares that he cleans, restores to the ancient terraces and brings to life as vineyards. It introduces some innovations: it makes the grapes wither on the vine and experiments with cooling techniques during fermentation.


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