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About 20 kilometers south of Caltagirone, near the Bosco di Santo Pietro, is the vineyard of the Daino farm. Processed with ancient methods, dating back to the most skilful winemaking tradition, the vineyard, immersed in a context of natural beauty of over 6,500 hectares, produces Suber, a wine with a strong and intense taste. Suber wine, from the name of majestic specimens of Quercus Suber found in the wood, comes from the breeding of vines such as Nero d'Avola, Frappato and Alicante. The Daino company, thanks to the Vigneri, specialized personnel in sapling cultivation, takes care of the vines manually in every phase of the processing respecting the environment and in harmony with the territory. The vines are supported by a chestnut wood stalk and the vines are tied with biodegradable and eco-friendly threads of "liama" (Cortaderia Jubata), grown spontaneously at the edges of the vineyard.

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