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For five centuries, through 17 generations, our family has committed itself to tracing the roads of agricultural evolution in a land as complex as Sicily, with an approach always oriented towards openness, innovation. Where too often the agricultural world has closed itself up in ancient patterns of social customs and productive practices, we have rather inherited, from generation to generation, an instinct aimed at changing and generating positive changes around us, in culture and between people. During the twentieth century, it was Vito's grandfather who demonstrated that, in addition to the static management of land ownership, everyone had to move towards new solutions and new perspectives: he was the first, in Menfi, to attempt the transformation of our small family winery into a large social cellar that in a short time, with the presidency of Diego, has then turned into a collective heritage and a model of territorial development. Simultaneously president of the regional institute of the vine and of the wine, Diego has contributed as protagonist to the wine renaissance of Sicily, transforming it in a great laboratory of experimentation, with illuminated consultations as those of Giacomo Tachis, Carlo Corino, Giampaolo Fabris and Attilio Scienza. In the meantime we have grown. And around the Ulmo fort, where we have been cultivating our most ancient lands for five centuries, the spark was triggered to transfer this experience and our new ideas into the project of a new company: here, in 1985, we planted the first vineyard . Two different generations - brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren - have been working side by side since that day, with the perfect understanding that derives not only from the harmony of the characters and the complementarity of skills, but above all from the unity of vision: love for this land, the desire to protect it and the ability to imagine a new way to give it value every day.


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